Meeting the girl of your dreams in a hookup site?

kalamaUsually, when people think of going to a hookup site, they’re not looking for Ms. Right. I know this is some sort of a shock, but let me put all my cards on the table. The reality is that most guys who join anonymous online sex sites are essentially just looking for women to have a good time with. This doesn’t mean that these women are disposable women or they’re trashy in any way. This is not some sort of judgment against their moral integrity. This is just the way guys think regarding these types of women.

At the other side of the equation, the same situation plays out. Most of the women that go to these websites are not looking for Mr. Right. They’re not looking for a knight in shining armor. They are in no way shape or form damsels in distress. They have completely lost that bullshit need for a knight in shining armor. They’re just looking for a good time with the right guy at the right time. Do you see where I’m coming from?

This is a purely free and modern mindset. You see, conservative society tend to corrode the soul by putting all sorts of restrictions that end up repressing your basic human drives. What makes you a truly free human being is you are able to exercise all your different drives. Just as you need freedom to eat, shit, piss, drink. You also need freedom to fuck. If you repress that part of yourself, it will screw up and warp different areas of your life. You only need to look at the secret histories and fucked up personal stories of people who grew up in sexually repressed cultures to know exactly where I’m coming from.

So, with that background, why would anybody in their right mind try to find the person of their dreams in a hookup site? The explanation is actually quite simple. The reality is that as much as we’d like to imagine ourselves as liberated, there is always a thin line between sexual contact and emotional intimacy. It’s always going to be there. Regardless of whether you’re talking to a guy who’s been with thousands of women, it’s always going to be there. Why? It’s hard wired into your DNA.

You just have to accept this and move on. If you are able to accept this, then it’s easy to understand that when two people feel the same way and have that same tendency and they really like each other after the sex, then it doesn’t really take much effort to take it to the next level emotionally speaking. The key here is that it has to be mutual. You can’t be the guy who gets all emotional and catches all sorts of feelings just because you stuck your dick into a tight hole. If you’re that guy then you’re definitely going to have a tough time navigating the topsy-turvy world of online anonymous sex dating.

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